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TYG Handyman

Professional, Reliable & Friendly
Licensed & Insured MHIC #118412


Hi there,
I am Ferhat, owner and master handyman of TYG Handyman. 
I live locally in College Park, MD and love this city since 2011. 
Growing up, I played with legos all the time. My dad would bring me all types of them. I didn`t realize at the time but this helped me understand putting things together. As I grew up he taught me fixing stuff in our household. Drilling walls, putting shelves, breaking down and putting back carburetor and such. I hated at the time because all I wanted to do was play soccer with my friends. Nowadays I sincerely appreciate him. He helped me to learn a trade, gain a valuable skill.
These valuable skills and confidence helped me flipping houses. As I did most of the work in the houses I renovated; drywall replacement, paint, plumbing, tile and hardwood floor installation.. I was getting really good at it.
Now I am applying the ever getting better craftsmanship combined with excellent customer service for our client`s need. 

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Call us: 240 284 6676
Email: [email protected]

We serve Washington DC area, Baltimore and in between.


Complete Kitchen Cabinets & Appliances Install
Custom Handrail
Brand New Custom Windows Install
Just a Cutie in Toolbag
WSSC Building Window Waterproofing
WSSC Building Window Waterproofing
WSSC Building Exterior Drywall Replacement & Paint
Basement Tile Install
Office Furniture Assembly
 Complete Bathroom Renovation-Pic 1
Complete Bathroom Renovation- Pic 2
Complete Powder Room Renovation- Pic 1
Complete Powder Room Renovation- Pic 2
 Custom Shower Glass Door Install
Powerwash - 1
Powerwash - 2
Powerwash - 3
Powerwash - 4
Powerwash - 5
Exterior Stain - 1
Exterior Stain - 2
Exterior Stain - 3
Ceiling Drywall, Paint & Waterproofing Walls - 1
Ceiling Drywall, Paint & Waterproofing Walls - 2
Ceiling Drywall, Paint & Waterproofing Walls - 3
Custom Book Shelf

Bathroom Floor Tile
- 1
Bathroom Floor Tile - 2
Rainfall Shower Head Install